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PR Outreach

Writing your press release and publicate it in relevant crypto media

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Our PR service targets many people around the world, we will translate your PR in more than 15 language and relase it in Crypto relvant media around the world.

Our Clients featured in tops media such as Forbes, Reuters, nbc, WND, trustnodes, Hacked, Venturebeat, Mashable, TNW, Buzzfeed, Investing.com, Inc., Entreprenuer, and many more!

Bounty Managing

Creating of a structure of bounty campaign based on projects tokens allocation for bounty

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Bounty Campaign is a great way to spread the word about the ICO project. This program can build a strong community which will be committed to sharing ideas about the project through social media, original videos and articles, and other exciting ways which can help a company to get a large and passionate community. In exchange, those people will get rewards, usually in native tokens or coins.

Bounty program consists of multiple simultaneously run campaigns, each with its specific goal. Participants fulfill certain tasks each week and earn tokens for successfully completing them. The goal of these tasks is to promote the project to the wider audience and help to grow the community. Typically, there is a master spreadsheet where the participant can follow their progress. The spreadsheet is usually updated once a week, where earned stakes from the previous week are added. Bounty management team checks the promotions participants did during the week and updates the stakes accordingly. There can be a range of specific bounty campaigns, depending on the project, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit)
  • Content creation (Articles, Blogs, Reviews, Videos)
  • Chat groups (Telegram, Discord, Slack)
  • Translations (whitepaper, website, BitcoinTalk ANNouncement, Video subtitles)
  • Other (BitcoinTalk Signatures, Local community, Official Company Blog support).

Bounty programs are a low risk but high reward endeavours, both for the company owners and bounty hunters. One of the rare (possibly even the only one) marketing strategies that benefits both the company and the community. The community members get (usually) high rewards for supporting the project they already like, and the company gets more support and investments through this model without a lot of extra expenses. In the end, everyone is happy, like one true Blockchain family, as it should be.


Translate your data to any language by our professional translators

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Translate your Website, Whitepaper, One-Pager, Articles……etc. to more than 20 languages. Our certified translators work day and night to guarantee the quality.


Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, FILIPINO, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Punjabi and more.

Influencers Marketing

Finding the best influencers to promote your project across various social media platforms like Youtube and Twitter.

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Get your project reviewed by our famos Crypto influencers across various social media platforms like Youtube and Twitter.

We offering to get seen by more than 1 million subscribers.

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